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To me, the show just feels like it has gone past its prime despite its brilliant casting of Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks. It just doesn't feel like a series that was meant to be going on for six seasons. Maybe five seasons tops. But not six. I am past the point of caring if Deb finds out Dexter's secret or not and Dexter's character lost most of that intense, compelling energy he used to have in the earlier seasons.
I agree, as I mentioned in earlier posts, this season has become underwhelming to say the least and really does feel like a retread, so I'm hoping it starts to pick up soon. Other than a few instances, the show just plays it too safe. Not sure if it's the consistent changing of show runners/staff, but it has just been very lack luster.

I'll most likely never actually drop the show, but it will be somewhat painstaking to watch if it continues down this path.
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