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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I still think a book about Roy teaching Connor the joys of heroin would have been more fun.

Anyway, I assume that Captain Marvel backup and any new book that winds up spinning out of it's still gonna be called Power of Shazam? It amazes me that DC still permits Marvel to call that shot, given how much leverage DC could theoretically exercise (and since 85 could have exercised) against them. An infringement claim against the Squadron Supreme might be waived by now, but it sure would be unfortunate if someone filed for an injunction to prevent republication of that famous book about the guy who says a magic word and is granted powers. Maybe we'll let you call it Power of Kimota when we're done.

Also, I was reading some more crap about Red Hood, and it occurred to me: isn't the point of casual sex that you can tell the people you're fucking apart? I mean, there's no use in having two identical sexbots. Well, there's one use, but that didn't come up in the book.

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