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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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I expect that Larson's involvement will be largely the same as JKR's was with regards to the last two films in the HP franchise and with regards to her involvement with the franchise as a whole.
Not even close. Rowling had a great deal of control over HP because she had a lot of leverage based on how badly Warners wanted the property. Larson has none, really, because Universal can take or leave something like BSG. There's just no significant public clamor for it, but it's not costing them an arm and a leg to acquire and if the first one succeeds it's got franchise potential.

You are making it sound like they'll cut him out of the loop entirely and rely solely on Singer while simply cutting him (Larson) a check for the rights to the BSG franchise...

Expect a lot of talk from Singer and others about what "great ideas Glen has, he's lived with this for forty years, he's not just here to rubber stamp what we do blah de blah blah blah..."all of which means the opposite or wouldn't be said at all.

...neither of the two announcements we got with regards to the project show any indication(s) of this whatsoever.
No announcement ever will. Gene Roddenberry got a credit and was "consulted" on movies that he disliked and had no real influence on whatever. He did get paid, though.
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