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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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WGA would almost certainly have sided with Larson in arbitration, since so much in terms of characters, locale, premise etc. was lifted from the pilot of oldBSG for nuBSG.

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the subsequent announcement of Singer's involvement indicated that he would be writing the script for, directing, and helping to produce and develop the project.
Doesn't leave much for a 74 year-old rights holder to do. Maybe Larson can have a walk-on and pull focus?

You can put whatever kind of gloss on this you want - someone with actual modern film making experience and a track record was going to be put in charge of this thing or Universal wouldn't spend a dime on it.
I expect that Larson's involvement will be largely the same as JKR's was with regards to the last two films in the HP franchise and with regards to her involvement with the franchise as a whole. He'll get EP credit, and will more than likely be as involved with the project as his health and age will allow (I don't think he has any health problems right now that would have an adverse effect on his involvement/participation). You are making it sound like they'll cut him out of the loop entirely and rely solely on Singer while simply cutting him (Larson) a check for the rights to the BSG franchise, and neither of the two announcements we got with regards to the project show any indication(s) of this whatsoever.
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