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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I thought the premiere was the best episode since the pilot although not as good as the pilot. This show really delivers on atmosphere, twists and scares but not so much when it comes to characters. None of them really grab me outside of Andrea and that's mostly because Laurie Holden is a fantastic actress.
I lost symapthy for Andrea here, Dale has saved her several times now, and wants to adopt her and father her, she was wrong to be so abusive. I like the short haired actress, from the Mist (the mother of the missing girl?).

Darryl, last season, he was mostly too abrasive and I wanted to see him eaten, but, I really loved him in this episode being a team player. Darryl is one of my favorite characters now, and he was real near the bottom early last season.

I really liked Glen throughout S1, hope he gets some time up front next week
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