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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Juice is going through the wringer after killing Miles. I hope he isn't dead and that the tree broke before he could die from hanging. I'm happy to see that Roosevelt is torn up about what he is doing to Juice and seeing how much of a bastard his so-called ally is.

It's about time that Bobby called for a vote to remove Clay as President. I was surprised that it happened now but now that it has happened, I can't wait to see what happens next.

I really feel bad for Opie. To think that he and Lyla went from being happily married in the beginning of the season to them being torn apart by miscommunication and cheating a week or so after getting married to Lyla packing her bags and leaving Opie. I hope that the two of them reunite and makeup.

Tara, I fear, is at the end of her rope about the crap the club has involved itself in and its impact on her life. Based on the preview, she seems to be thinking about leaving Charming with her kids. I understand why she would do that but I hope something changes her mind. I also really hope that she shares the letters with Jax so he could know how much of a monster Clay is before his direction for the club with the Cartel makes things worse than before.
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