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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

That was a long post. That's the point though...just because Buffy is the Slayer and is dealing with bigger things and seemingly different problems doesn't mean that those problems of her friends are any less important. That has been something that Joss has made quite clear throughout the course of the series. I also brought that up because this has been a reoccurring theme with her. The Slayers of the past were alone for the most part or didn't live long enough to have friends. Buffy does and has to balance all of these. I wasn't really meaning to say it was a negative thing...but you have to admit that she does get self-absorbed and as you say rightfully so. All of the scoobies have in their own little problems. I think this has been one of the great things about the show in general is that despite the big huge Earth shattering stuff they're all still human and still go through the same problems an anxieties the rest of us do. Maybe it seemed I was being too critical of Buffy which wasn't my intent. I can just see where the others have a point.
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