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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Not a bad way to start the second season. But there are two things I think the show really needs to work on.

1) Establish how the Walkers work on all levels. I know the writers don't want this because it will hem them in storywise. But it needs to be done for the good of show. Last season our heroes had to cover themselves in Walker guts to avoid detection, now they just duck under cars and put Walker bodies on top of themselves?

Create some consistent rules for the Walkers, decide how they work physically/mentally whatever. It doesn't need to be expounded on in an episode, but have it on a white board in the writer's room so that they are all on the same page. Be consistent, don't keep winging it. This is a long-form zombie show, not a one-off movie.

2) The characters(or at least one or two of them) need to be more likable. As of the season two premier all four female members of the group are horribly stupid and annoying, with Andrea being far and away the worst. You want to commit suicide? Do it.

The seven male characters don't fare much better. The two cops are acting incompetent. The boy is an idiot, except for his desire to arm himself. Token Black guy came across okay, except for somehow cutting himself on a car door. Old guy, Asian guy and Redneck guy came across best, mostly because they had almost no lines and relatively little to do, and were fairly competent.

Give us someone to root for. Right now I find it hard to sympathize with anyone(your mileage may vary of course). A little black humor would go a long way. I suppose Rick is the main character, and the one we should rooting for, but he is so bland and passive.
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