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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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I normally agree with, or at the very least am amused by, Sutter's "angry" thoughts on Twitter, but I really don't feel like this racism storyline is supported at all by "three seasons of story." I can't recall any indications of SAMCRO members seeming racist at all in the past seasons, so this storyline feels like it's literally come out of nowhere.
I think Sutter is underestimating the importance of depicting the Sons as basically decent people who can be bad but who don't ever cross the line into becoming truly contemptible.

And I wouldn't say they're terribly misogynist. They respect the hell out of Gemma, and seems like Tara is now counted in that "kick-ass old lady" category. Opie cheating on his wife was caused by their lack of communication, and that goes both ways. He was angry at Lila, not just cheating on her because he lacked respect for her. Chibs was loving and protective of his ex-wife and daughter; Tig gave his daughter money, even when her conniving lies were exposed. Otto was torn up over Luann's murder and the club got revenge on her killer. If they were misogynist, they wouldn't respect Gemma, or any of the rest of it.

They don't respect the kind of woman who doesn't deserve respect, but they take that attitude towards men as well. SAMCRO has been carefully depicted as bad-ass and occasionally ruthless but strangely moral by their own lights. They're a true community, they look out for each other and they have a sense of honor.

The Juice plotline could be finessed if the issue is not him being nonwhite - they know he's Puerto Rican, right? - but if he's a member of a racial or ethnic group that might lead to divided loyalties. There are no Puerto Rican MC's in California, but there are black MC's.

If that's the issue, then deft writing could communicate it to the audience, as well as the tragic twist that Juice isn't quite smart enough to realize that all SAMCRO would care about is that he'd never join a black MC. He's a slightly simple-minded guy - that's been well established - and it's plausible that he'd make this sort of mistake, when all he had to do was confront the MC about their supposed racism and have everything settled by one conversation.

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