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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Supposedly, this isn't sci fi,
Well, unless the robot is based on what's real right now - and there's admittedly some pretty weird stuff out there - I don't see how this isn't sci-fi.
To people in the mainstream, "sci-fi" has long had the connotation of "fanciful, way-out stuff that couldn't possibly happen," because that's what the overwhelming majority of the SF in the mass media has always been. So when someone makes a show that's plausibly extrapolated forward from realistic science, like the first season of SeaQuest or the short-lived Century City, they feel it necessary to say it's "not science fiction" because of what the public wrongly assumes SF to be. Most people don't understand that fiction credibly extrapolating from currently real science and technology is science fiction in its truest sense. Because so very little of that has ever made it out of prose and onto the film or television screen, and because most people don't read books.
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