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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

The nuBSG fans have to accept that our show is more or less done. We may get some drips and drabs here and there, but nothing much more of meaning.

The oldBSG fans really, honestly, need to accept that nothing new will ever come from the old show. The best you lot can hope for now is another reboot. A continuation will simply never happen due to demographics. The vast majority of fans for the old are at youngest, 30. Likely average of 45-50. And Hollywood doesn't do anything for people over 30 really. They want young money, shallow and jaded as that is. It's how they work. It sucks, but it's how it is.

If Singer does a BSG movie? Expect it to be in the vein of the nuTrek or the Star Wars prequels. Reboot done to appeal to 12-25 year olds and people not already fans. It will likely be as shallow and lacking of substance and built on FX and sex appeal as all the rest. It will be about merchandising and box-office, not much else. It may be closer to the old than the nu, but... only in pale imitation form.

If you're happy with such, if you're that much of an anti-nuBSGer to be grateful with anything else done with the property outside of such... *shrug* you'll likely get such. But I think it'll be a pretty hallow victory, imho.

Those who like the old, those who like the 'nu' will both have to accept: we've had our fun. Anything new will be directed at the kiddies.
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