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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Anyway, I'm liking TWD because it's NOT a zombie splatterfest. No zombie production has lasted longer than a couple hours on screen and Milla Jovovich aside, there's been absolutely no chance to see what would happen to a bunch of survivors of a zombie apocalypse in the longer term. That's exactly what I want to see and why I'll keep watching.
I agree that it's interesting as a TV/Movie exercise, but always kinda annoyed at how that's supposed to work. In I Am Legend, at least, it made some sense, as they really weren't undead zombies, but just people changed by the virus.

In your typical zombie scenario, it's dead flesh brought back to life again, albeit at less than 100% functionality.

How does that not burn itself out in a week or two?

Rural zombies, getting by on hunting animals and whatnot? Sure, that makes sense, could last a while that way, but not the urban/city zombies. What are they eating? Once the humans are all eaten or now fellow zombies, they should die out pretty quickly. No water, no food. Somehow almost without fail, though, zombies are shown in large groups, in big cities, etc. Even if whatever magic science that created the zombie drastically reduces the intake requirements, eventually the body is going to need water and food, or the muscles are just going to fail, and you get re-dead zombies. Seems like within a week or so, they'd HAVE to start feeding on each other, and then the whole thing should clear itself out shortly thereafter.

I just found this series right before the S2 premiere, and caught up quick. Enjoying it a lot so far, the above not withstanding. I like the story it's telling, even if the zombie science itself annoys me
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