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Re: The absolute worst captain in Star Trek

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Captain "Not until Tuesday" from Generations. What a complete boob.
Seconded. Sure, they wanted to show Kirk's experience but how did that man ever rise to the rank of captain? He was totally incapable of making a decision and couldn't come up with a good idea to save his life. Yet they made him the captain of the Enterprise!

I interpret that differently. Starfleet gave this man a ship that was totally unprepared for even the most minor of crises, and he was unlucky enough to get hit by a major one.

Who made the call to have this ship go out ill-equipped, under-staffed and partially unarmed?

Doesn't matter if it was a PR trip or not, ships shouldn't go out in those conditions.

The best firefighter can't do squat if you don't give the guy the gear and the hose.
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