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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Seriously though, since this is a revisit, how about a counter that plays into that, like an Internal Continuity Counter (plot threads that will be followed up on)? Or maybe something similar to the Scott Bakula Counter, but restricting it to Trek Lore?
I hated that Scott Bakula counter. For every single episode I had to check the IMDb page of every schmuck with a single line of dialogue to see if they ever had a single line of dialogue in an episode of Trek, while also checking to make sure that they hadn't made an appearance in a previous episode of B5. I'm not putting myself through that again.

I could do a counter for every character from a previous Trek series that shows up on DS9, if you want to claim that that was your idea.

Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
I'm pretty sure that he was meant to be a recurring character. I know that Alaimo has spoken of how they always intended to flesh out the character more besides a one-shot appearance. Now, did they intend for him to become such an integral part of the story? That I don't know.
Sounds a bit like what happened with Andrew Robinson, they hired him for what was supposed to be a recurring role, then they didn't bother bringing him back until season 2. Dukat was luckier as he got a scene in Duet, but it is weird that they created these brilliant characters played by great actors and they ignored them for a whole year. But I guess that seeing Bashir possessed by an evil criminal, or having Rumpelstiltskin show up, seemed more important at the time.
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