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Re: Phase II Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Release of "Lost Vignette

Thanks for the breakdown... I couldn't remember if he had been in "Blood and Fire, Part 1" or not.

Going back to the "Test of Victories" -- (and yes, this is entirely in the "I'm thinking about it too much" arena) -- it also puts a bit of a focus on continuity as well -- if Kargh is one of the empire's greatest strategists, and if we are to believe that he's been a starship commander for a while, how is it that the Klingon training exercise Kargh takes when he's still (basically) a plebe, features Kirk in command of the Enterprise?

Are we to believe that within the past five years Kargh has become as well-known in the Empire as Koloth, Kang and Kor?

An easy fix would be to just replace the viewscreen convo with Kirk with same but featuring Pike, or maybe some innocuous Starfleet type. But then that would suppose that the Klingons even have a test like this, a blatant knockoff of the Kobayashi Maru. Would they?
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