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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

The original announcement stated that Larson - a renowned writer in his own right - would be producing and directly developing a reboot of BSG with Universal; the subsequent announcement of Singer's involvement indicated that he would be writing the script for, directing, and helping to produce and develop the project; there was no indication in the latter announcement that he was supplanting Larsen, but was merely 'joining the team'. It makes sense that Larsen, being in his mid 70s (he's 74 as of this year), would advocate bringing someone much younger in to work on the scripting duties for the project and also direct.

Regarding the credit that Larson received on the new BSG, it was done merely as a consideration, and actually had to be pushed for by RDM. Larson had requested that he be given a credit, but it wasn't this request that got him said credit; it was Moore coming out and siding with him (his request actually went to arbitration at the Writer's Guild of America).
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