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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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As far as I know, this Singer-helmed BSG project is the same as the project with which Glen A. Larsen (original BSG creator) is/was involved...
Other than Singer's involvement (and of course at the end he wasn't involved in the DeSanto project) there's no indication that it is.

In fact, the BSG continuation was pretty much DeSanto's idea and his project; Singer was attached to direct. Singer and DeSanto have not worked together since X-Men 2.

After BSG collapsed, DeSanto's career has been...minimal. He did a draft of the first Transformers movie and is listed as a producer on that film, of which the movie's director has this to say:

Now that the movie is done I get strange questions from the press. Like ‘how did Tom control the set’? What? ‘How did Tom and Don control you?’ What the fuck. ‘How was it working with Tom and Don who knew Transformers so well?’ ‘We heard Tom wrote the story – he had a 90 page treatment, right?’ Okay stop. Let me take you back in time. Tom and Don are very nice guys, but let’s get some facts straight.
Tom had one creative meeting with me for one hour and ten minutes to be exact about a year ago. He told he was the über fan boy and was going to protect me from the minefields. The type of minefields on the Net like ‘Damn you Michael Bay’ ‘You wrecked my childhood Michael Bay’ and other various web death threats I received. Tom proceeded to tell me how much he had problems with the robot designs and script issues. I realized he was worlds apart in my vision. I said thank you very much, and then showed him my office door – I never really spoke to him again other then to mutter hello. He would occasionally come to the set with guests like it was some theme park.
One day not too long ago, the writers of our movie Alex and Bob called me in a panic saying all of a sudden after the movie was almost finished in post that Tom was applying for writer’s or story credit. I was appalled because neither the writer’s nor I ever saw any treatment. Well, he applied for credit, but the Writer’s Guild shot him down, denied him.
But what made my blood curl was something that was on the Net with Tom at the Saturn awards on where they interviewed him about the movie – a movie I might add he had not seen yet. He acted very much like he did. Check it out as he vamps through the questions, and how Hugo put his ‘thumb print on it’.
Other than similar credit sand essential non-involvement on the later Transformers films, he directed some sort of TV movie called Crisis: New York Underwater. Budgeted at under a million dollars, it appears to have aired somewhere in 2009.

There's no indication that DeSanto is involved with the Singer project in any way or that he and Singer will work together again in the future, and no indication of any connection between the television miniseries that DeSanto was producing in 2001 and this theatrical project in early development a decade later.

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