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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

Morpheus 02 wrote: View Post
Well, it might be like Peter Jackson's King Kong -- i think he made the movie more for his own personal fanboy desires, than for the rest of us.
I thought Singer already did that with Superman Returns?

Anji wrote: View Post
Moore destroyed BSG.
BSG had been lambasted for years as a joke in the sci-fi community. Moore's series brought it prestigious awards and critical praise from the United Nations. If this is destroying BSG, than it's a pretty damn fine destruction.

DarKush wrote: View Post
Seeing a JJ Abrams revival of the 70's BSG would be great.
It would be Galactica 1980 (re-titled Galactica 01980) and would feature lens flares. A lot of them.

23skidoo wrote: View Post
But the fact is this is waaaay too soon to be even thinking about another reboot, especially since the RDM version last I heard is still in play. Wait 10 years, then do another one.
Oh, I don't know. BSG itself ended two years ago, Caprica ended last year, and it doesn't look like Blood and Chrome is going to happen. Moore's BSG is pretty much done.

Depending on when they start, Singer's BSG could get in theatres in 2013, a decade after Moore's reboot started. We already have a reboot of the Spider-Man franchise coming out next year, a decade after that movie series started. And even though the next Batman movie comes out next year, there's already talk of rebooting that movie series with the next movie after that. Such a reboot could be out in 2015, a decade after the Nolan series started.

By Hollywood's standards, now is the perfect time to reboot BSG yet again.
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