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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

Last night's episode was kinda "meh". The fact that Kono was working for HPD was no surprise at all, and the episode itself felt like it was all over the place. Of course, we also had to end with a "We're badasses walking in slow-mo!" moment.

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I wonder if Lori is just curious about Steve, or if she's crushing on him. He is pretty hot--it would be hard to blame her! That scene with Chin was hilariously awkward.
I have a feeling that they wrote out Steve's Navy fling in order to possibly hook him up with Lori. That was somewhat hinted in the first episode or two of this season. I honestly hope they don't go down that path. Mostly because it is just too cliched.

I really think they are trying too hard with her character. I dunno. I just can't come around to like her. She has added nothing too the show to make her addition worthwhile. She was assigned to the 5-0 to make sure they play by the rules, but the show has done nothing with it.

Part of me wishes they kept Jenna. I felt she integrated into the show instantly.
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