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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Just some light grocery shopping today.

I note in passing that the supermarkets in the UK are currently having fun with a price war. Local example: a nearby Sainsburys is temporarily closed for a few days while a big refurb completes. In the meantime, the local Tesco sends out multiple "5 off a 20 shop" coupons, dated for one of each of the next 4 weeks, in order to make the most of the shutdown and to prevent any defectors to the new bigger Sainsburys. Plus, the Tescos just put up a big clubcard sign-up stand to lure any shoppers forced to go to Tescos who would normally go the temporarily closed Sainsbury. All good fun to see a bit of lively competition!

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I'll be adding the Wusthof 8" Classic Series Bread Knife to my block when it arrives on Wednesday. It was in my cart as a "must have" and when I saw the $40 price drop yesterday I just snagged it fast
That's quite the cool - and expensive - collection you're building up!

Here's a question I've often wondered about in those dark moments in the middle of the night: how do you hone a serrated knife with a steel? Is it even possible?

I always hone my regular knives before use, but I can't say I've ever tried it on a serrated knife. It seems like it would actually dull the edge. My bread knife isn't dull yet, but I wonder what I'll do when it does lose its edge...
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