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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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This was an OK episode. I do have to agree about Shane though. He was being pretty annoying over the whole thing with Rick's wife (I'm brainfarting on her name). I like the idea of him Andrea getting together though, and I kinda got the impression that was what they might be going for in some of their scenes together.
My friend who originally turned me onto the show fears it's going to become a "Zombie Soap opera." He watches the film for the blood and guts and the "shoot the Zombie," intense scenes.

He also is guessing that when Jenner whispered in Rick's ear he told him that his wife was pregnant. Good guess - we'll see. But if that plot twist were to come to pass it would amp up the soap opera nature of the show and diminish the zombie part.

We'll see.
There is no way the show would've even lasted for the initial 6 episodes if not, rounded out by the Drama. The show would never survive as simply a splatter-fest.

Not sure why your friend ever thought it wouldn't be a Zombie Soap Opera.
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