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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

^The supporting characters are great fun. Kamekona is probably my favorite, though Max definitely cracks me up.

I really enjoyed last night's episode! The carguments are definitely my favorite, and I love that we got Danny bitching about the ritzy houses. Danny's just funny when he bitches.

No surprise that Kono was working undercover--I wonder if she'll get her badge back now? It doesn't really resolve the issue of why she lost it in the first place, but given that the missing money was replaced by the governor, they probably don't have a crime to charge her with. I wonder if, like Chin was, she'll be regarded with suspicion and distrust by people outside of 5-0.

I'm really glad Chin is getting back together with his ex. Reiko Aylesworth rocks, so I'm excited to see her on the show, and they make a really cute couple.

I wonder if Lori is just curious about Steve, or if she's crushing on him. He is pretty hot--it would be hard to blame her! That scene with Chin was hilariously awkward.

This was a fun one.
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