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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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Huh, and there was no such thing in Trek 2009? Trek 2009 followed the very same formula of the TNG movies. Bad guy has doomsday device, and in the climax there are fist fights and shoot outs, and bad guy is stopped using violence.
Yeah, I hear ya about '09 but it did spend a lot more quality time exploring the characters than the TNG films for me. Kirk growing up vs. cooking eggs with Shatner. Spock rejecting the Vulcan Science Academy vs. Picard remembering he used to like to dance (badly).

While many movies have similar beats, what they choose to do with them makes a huge difference.

AND I might like to add that in '09, it was two, young, fit actors duking it out, not two older, non-action types fighting. That makes a HUGE difference to the regular audience, believe it.
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