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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

^Indeed. Although beyond that it's a decent enough comic. At $3, I'd give it a B (or B+ on a curve).

You know, I've been relatively uninterested in Babs Batgirl, but I was reading some of Cass Cain's series yesterday--Babs Gordon is in it a lot--and I'm actually sort of warming to the idea of getting rid of Oracle.

Now, I thought it was pretty great/important that they had a disabled character in a major role. Sure. On the other hand, Oracle--the concept--is a narrative cheat. Got a problem? Well, let's ask Oracle to look on the Internet to solve it. What does the inside of that enemy base look like? Let me download the schematics. Where did the criminals take their hostage? Kidnappers tweeted that they're at this address. Who is Lady Shiva? Let's look at her Facebook page.

The Net is vast.

P.S. Of course, this is also an excuse to bitch about a ten year old comic, and:
1)how that series abandons its central conceit of being about a feral human by issue five--how, you ask? through frustrating, time-compressed years of hard work? fuck no, Cassandra learns to speak because magic! and writing a character with no language is hard;
2)how even before that they seemed to confuse having no language with being mute or even worse, just not knowing English very well ("you don't understand what I'm saying, do you?" "no" WTF come on); and
3)that the art, until Eaglesham comes aboard, is both kind of bad and hilariously inappropriate--it's all cartoony and loose, because child abuse, murder, and death duels are the wackiest of subjects you can write about.

Oh, and I was thinking--this is the DC property they will never, ever make into a film. Can you imagine a movie with Cass Cain in it? Can you imagine the acting nightmare that would be? Full face mask and no words? It'd be amazing to watch someone pull that off, but they'd never try. Nell is no model for a successful action franchise.

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