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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Did anyone watch The Talking Dead? It didn't end up airing until after the encore (at 12am EST), so I had my DVR record it and I watched it today. It was mildly amusing at times, but I'm not sure if it'll offer all that much week-in, week-out. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me; it did seem like it would just be a fluff extra when it was announced.

Patton Oswalt and James Gunn as the guests was a little odd, and I don't think they added much to the show.
Yeah, I watched it and found the comedian to be extremely annoying. The whole show seemed very forced and pretentious. I promptly deleted it from my season pass manager.

All-in-all, it really just made me more concerned about what AMC has in store for us.
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