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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

The spaceship's control center was destroyed by the grenade, so it's not going anywhere.

I just rewatched Thing '82. The paint scheme on the helicopters are the same. Not close. Identical. What's funny is I just now noticed MacReady's chopper is actually Lars' chopper with different decals. Obviously they blew up a mock-up and saved rental fees on another chopper.

In the original, BenningsThing only managed to scream before they torched his ass, same with WindowsThing as he was torched, and PalmerThing stopped shapeshifting as he was torched and just screamed before bursting through the wall and collapsing.

The same scenarios played out in Thing '11. My impression is we are meant to think Braxton is a Thing trying to talk his way out right up until she torches him, and then second guess the decision afterwards. His scream as he burned definitely sounded like a Thing dying, though, and it's been proven in both films that once burned, the Thing can't shapeshift.

As for whether Kate makes it to the Russian base (I hope she does for the Kate/MacReady team-up sequel), BraxtonThing said the snowcat he was driving had enough fuel to make it. There's no telling whether SanderThing's snowcat had any fuel left.

I was also watching MacReady closely during Thing '82. That beard covers most of Kurt's face, and half the time he's in shadow, wearing a hat and goggles or squinting into flares, plus they never say how old he is. I'd say you could throw another beard on him and call any stray wrinkles wear from the ice-storm and call it even. Keith David would be tougher, but they could always say he froze to death, like the semi-official sequel storyline of the The Thing videogame does.
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