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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I wish it was something that smart, but it's just pure ego as I used to joke with my friends as a teenager that in the future I would be revered as a god. One day I was at a friend's house, he had just gotten the internet and he was setting up an account for me on some website and he asked me what name I wanted, so I said "God Ben". It was taken. Apparently, there's a lot of egotistical Bens out there because that name is already taken on a number of sites. Eventually I got fed up and decided to stick it to all those GodBens by putting a The in front of it and declaring myself the The GodBen.

But I prefer the fake story that my name is actually Godfrey Benn. There's also a slight possibility that it's the truth.

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It was in star's ill-fated DS9 review thread. You said that one day you would do this thread and I implored you not to show us pictures of Brooks in his underware like you did with Scott Bakula. In response, you not only put him in his underware, you put him in a bra.
Wow, I have absolutely no memory of that. It must have been during one of my meth phases. I remember the process of making the picture, but not when, where or why. And I have a bad feeling that the picture may be the reason why that thread was "ill-fated".
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