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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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For those of you not familiar with TheGodBen's reviews, prepare yourselves for things like pictures of Avery Brooks in his underware (most likely involving bras and panties )
Why did I make that picture again? I remember that the body is actually Daniel Craig, because I couldn't find any pictures of a black man wearing a bra and it was easier to adjust the colours of a picture I found of Daniel Craig wearing a bra to make him look black than to actually 'shop a bra onto Avery's body... but I can't remember why I made it.
It was in star's ill-fated DS9 review thread. You said that one day you would do this thread and I implored you not to show us pictures of Brooks in his underware like you did with Scott Bakula. In response, you not only put him in his underware, you put him in a bra.

You're either truly twisted or an absolute genius. The jury is still out.

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It surprised me how early into the episode Sisko's relationship with the Prophets is introduced, it's right there in the first scene after the teaser. It's a short scene but it's absolutely dripping with subtext that probably wasn't even intended to be there. The Prophets, removing all their religious elements, are one of the most interesting aliens in all of Star Trek because they are truly alien. They're not humans with weird foreheads and anger issues, or giant space amoebas, they're beings that barely even fit within our comprehension. They're a fascinating sci-fi concept and the way that they use their unique perception of reality to help Sisko finally come to terms with the loss of Jennifer was a masterstroke.
Indeed. The Prophets are among my favorite Trek races as well. And their religious elements (especially the more fantasy based ones of the later seasons) are really appealing to me as well.
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