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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Whofan wrote: View Post
Finally, some good looking figures:

Omega is the first modern WHO figure to have soft goods, I think; The Spearhead From Space style Auton looks cool, and the Drashig is actually a hand puppet as well...

Omega, finally! And the rest of that set isn't too bad, either. Nice to finally see a Classic Auton, and while I don't personally care about them making a Drashig, it's great that they are doing some non-traditional "figures".

Speaking of non-traditional figs, there's also a three-piece "The Chase" set, which includes a Mechanoid.

Cutter John wrote: View Post
With SJA wrapping up, I really wish there were plans to do a set of the cast. Rani, Clyde, Luke, and Sky. Sarah and K9 are alredy covered.
You forgot Maria.
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