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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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I thought that was a very lacklustre premier, given what we'd seen last season. Definitely didn't knock my socks off.

One of the problems is having kids present. Kids generally tend to ruin movies and tv shows for a variety of reasons, mostly because they can't act so it's tough for them to convey certain situations and they tend to be used as the cutesy thing for us to fawn over, which of course is entirely uneccessary.

Hopefully Carl snuffs it. I couldn't care less about finding little whatsherface either. If we're lucky the flesh has already been ripped from her bones.

Last night's episode just didn't stress me out like some of last season's better episodes did. The zombie pack walkthrough was pretty decent I suppose, but also lacked in a way I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's because no real progress was made in the episode, it seems they actually regressed going to look for whatsherface.

Shane's a bitch. That much is clear. Dude, it's the zombie apocalypse, get over your silly little feelings for Rick's wife and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The focus should be on survival, not your soap opera bullshit. "Waaaaah I'm going to slip out of here when no one's looking waaaaah." Jesus.

Redneck the hillbilly is actually turning out to be a pretty decent character, even though he drives the loudest kind of bike one can drive. And I am kind of sick of every tv show having someone who knows how to track people in the forest.

They should have given blondie the gun, who cares if she offs herself? Her choice, plus one less mouth to feed.

Other than that, this episode was pretty forgettable. Seemed more like a midseason filler episode rather than a season premier.

Hopefully they get their shit together.


Shane= Dude get over it, what did you tag her a few months tops and you were tagging your friend's wife at that.

Carl = Glad I'm not the only one that feels this way, now we are going to get a half a season of fabricated drama by finding a doc/meds for the kid and so on.

whatsherface = too bad Billy Ray Zombie didn't snack on her after all, more fabricated drama that wasted too much show.
I'll bet the guy that shot Carl has her.

Redneck the hillbilly = Agreed. Absolutely love this actor from the Boondock Saints movies, it would be neat to get a cameo of Sean Patrick Flanery.

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