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*Which is possibly the only flaw I see that the prequel introduces - in the 1982 film, one assumes the helicopter seen at the beginning is just one that's normally at the Norwegian base. In the prequel, they show it's one that arrives to pick up the woman (I guess?) and take her back to some other base where she'll catch a flight home. Yet there is no search party for that helicopter, which I guess you can blame on the storm in the 1982 version. So right there I answered my own question and it's not a hole and nevermind.
Actually, the helicopter is based at the Norwegian base. In the movie they mention that it was off at the Russian base for repairs or refueling or something. So it's just returning "home" at the end.
Well then double nevermind! Shows how much attention I was paying to the giant screen in front of my face.
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