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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

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At the end, the woman is about to get into the helicopter with the pilot to go to the Russian base.
She was getting into a snow-tank/tuck with him not a helicopter.

1) She then blasts him with a flamer because she knew he was an alien because the "earring was in the wrong ear." (did I hear that correctly?) If this is so, 1) why did she head with him in the ice mover to the spacecraft location in the first place?
When she first gets into the truck with him the camera is just behind is ear, showing the earring, and we see her in the B/G noticing this and getting into the truck. At the end we're shown that he no longer has the earring indicating he is now a Thing, this is when she talks to him and blasts him away.

2) and, if the pilot was an alien, why did he save her from one of the creatures while underground near the spacecraft?
The things show themselves to be very adaptable and deceitful. This is mostly noteworthy in the original as the things try to convince others they're fine. This is probably most noteworthy with Blair who tries to talk his way back inside while at the same time building a spaceship under the shack. The alien may have been trying to gain MEW's trust to further its goals.

3) and if the pilot were alien, then after she doused him with the flamer, why didn't the alien emerge from the body (albeit on fire) as it was torched?
The alien may have been trying to continue its ruse or maybe we're to believe that he really was the actual guy but the aura of distrust and horror of events had soured MEW to everything and she had torched an innocent man.

or 4) are we to believe that SHE was the alien and just torched the pilot?
I doubt we're supposed to believe this and there's little evidence in the movie she was ever killed or duplicated.

And then she jumps into the other ice mover and leaves. What became of her?
We don't know at this point. One one hand we can say her fate is as unknown as what happens to Giles and MacReady after the Carpenter movie. On the other hand its inferred the snow-trucks have the gas to reach a nearby Russian base which she'd probably head for and we'd see the results of that in a sequel if one is to be made.

Traveling 50 miles in that truck, depending on its speed and terrain, probably would have taken a couple of hours and that's assuming she even has a direction to go in. She's probably there by the time the Carpenter movie "starts" and whatever adventure or events happens there would occur during the course of the first movie's time line (spanning several days.) It's possible, that the events could be times to allow also for the survivors of the Carpenter movie to meet up with her and the Russian base.
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