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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

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I mean if we're really going to get nitpicky about something not being original because some movie was made half a century ago for teenagers to neck to...
Hawks' movie was considerably more sophisticated than drive-in fare, kid.
Indeed. It is well-written and acted, fast-paced, drop-dead funny in some moments and all-round great fifties sci-fi. The only thing the 1982 movie has over it is a faithfulness to the original story. If that's all you care about, fine, but the lack of faithfulness doesn't mean The Thing From Another World is irrelevant to any conversation.
Exactly. I enjoy both movies very much, albeit for different reasons.

It's annoying to keep having to qualify it just to keep pedants at bay.

On a related subject, people who insist on pointing out that Frankenstein is the scientist and not the monster need a few thousand volts, themselves.
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