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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

Hi all, saw THE THING last night. Hoping someone on the forum can explain a few things to me.


At the end, the woman is about to get into the helicopter with the pilot to go to the Russian base.

1) She then blasts him with a flamer because she knew he was an alien because the "earring was in the wrong ear." (did I hear that correctly?) If this is so, 1) why did she head with him in the ice mover to the spacecraft location in the first place? 2) and, if the pilot was an alien, why did he save her from one of the creatures while underground near the spacecraft? 3) and if the pilot were alien, then after she doused him with the flamer, why didn't the alien emerge from the body (albeit on fire) as it was torched? or 4) are we to believe that SHE was the alien and just torched the pilot?

And then she jumps into the other ice mover and leaves. What became of her?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I did enjoy the movie but must say the "original-original" THING, 1951, is my all-time favorite movie. For what it was when it was, it is a classic!

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