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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Lindeloff isn't a good comics writers.

DC needs is to use the guys they have writing for Vertigo or poach over the indy writers that work for Image. Instead of relying almost exclusively on Morrison and Johns, they need to get some of the new talent writing for their A-list characters. Of the current slate of breakout writers for DC, most of them with exception to Snyder are all on low selling or C-list characters. Why not put Cornell on Superman? He did wonderful work with the Lex Luthor stuff. Instead he is writing freaking Etrigan and Stormwatch. Or get Lemire to do Legion or Titans instead of Levitz or Lobdell? Fresh blood is certainly more welcome than the same stale thing.
He's written comics before? I was just throwing out good writers in other mediums who have done some interesting things. I'm loving your suggestions though. Keeping Cornell on Superman would be fantastic. Jeff Lemire on anything would be good. It would be nice to see DC making some power plays on Marvel to get some people after losing Rucka and Waid. I'd personally love to see Jason Aaron do something. Perhaps have kept Snyder on Detective Comics and have Aaron do Batman. Then have Morrison and Cornell on Action Comics and Superman to have the Superman titles be the best they can be. Azzarello is about as fresh as they come with Wonder Woman. While Flash was very good, why not put Jeff Lemire (who seems to be good at some weird stuff ala Frankenstein) on Flash. Harken back to the old days when it was high concept Sci-Fi.

What happened to Brian K. Vaughan? I think he'd excel on Teen Titans, maybe not for a super long open ended run, but maybe like a year or so. What's Matt Wagner been up to? He used to be fantastic and recently even did some great early Batman stories. Maybe put him on Detective.

What's more all of the writers I mentioned are fresh and have a relative fresh outlook or are good at adopting one. From what I have seen from Giffen, Lobdell and Jurgens in the DCnU, they are not.
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