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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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I don't think he could top that!!
It would love it if you wrote the follow-up, would you be interested in commissioning the Challenger-A as well...
I've no plans for a Challenger-A, but anything's possible.

p.s- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Vol back too!
I've kind of done the stuff I wanted to do with the Vols (there's another member of the species in Reservoir Ferengi, if you haven't read that yet), but again, never say never - if it feels right I'd put him in.

I definitely *do* want to bring back Qat'qa, mind you - and as for the existing screen characters, I'd love do to something more involving Guinan someday as well.

But it's all up to Pocket to decide whether they want any of those stories...
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