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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

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Scotty is such an iconic character who has been with us for well over 40 years. For him to end like that was not good. I know that it's all open for his return but the question is will any author do that?
Of course if David was to bring him back in his next book all would be forgiven...
Well, that would depend what my next Trek would be - there's not much chance of Scotty coming back in it if it's, say an Enterprise or TOS book.

However, I do have an outline for another book set after this one, that would need him to be in it, and the way he goes out is specifically intended to fit with that one, *if* Pocket commission it someday.

If they don't... well, how could he top jump-starting the Big Bang anyway?
I don't think he could top that!!
It would love it if you wrote the follow-up, would you be interested in commissioning the Challenger-A as well...

p.s- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Vol back too!
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