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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

A damn solid start to the season. Watching everyone attempting to hide from the herd was pretty intense. How badass was it when Daryl came up behind and took out the zombie that was headed for T-Dog?

More and more, I'm glad that Shane is still alive (and to be clear, I didn't have an issue with his survival in season one past the point where he died in the comics). He's a definite wild card in this group now, torn between conflicting sets of emotions: his long friendship with Rick and sense of responsibility to the group, versus his feelings for Lori and jealousies towards Rick.

Andrea also seems headed down a somewhat different path than her character took in the comics, especially with her wanting to join Shane in splitting away from the group, her intention at suicide in the season one finale, and her subsequent (understandable) anger here at Dale. She's certainly already a much "harder" person than she was at this same point in time in the comics.

Still a little unclear as to what role T-Dog adds to the group dynamic, though I suppose that thirteen episodes this season, instead of the six last season, might present his character with a bit more to do.

Even though I was expecting the events at the end of the premiere to occur at some point this season, I still wasn't quite prepared for watching it happen in this episode.

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Has anyone followed the comic book series? Are they following it closely? If so, I'd be more willing to give season two a get out of jail free card.
For the most part, yes, they are following the comics closely. They've taken some interesting diversions, however, such as: Shane is still alive; Daryl and T-Dog are new characters; they met a Latino "gang" in Atlanta; they went to the CDC; we're needed for a new location earlier than occurred in the comics; and so on. I don't recall Sophia getting lost like this in the comics, or the general idea of getting stuck on the highway as occurred in the premiere.
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