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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

This last ep really picked things up.

Rebecca really annoys me for some reason. Klaus was bratty enough and her being spoiled and vapid just irks me.

I do like that Klaus' motivation was somewhat explained. He does not want to end up alone, vampires with family issues! I guess he felt like an outsider in the family, but that does not fully explain why they all turned on one another. I wonder if they will show us what made Klaus put the 1st family member in a coffin?

What keeps Katherine interesting for me is that she seems to see the bigger picture. Yes she is self-centered, but survival is what is important people. (It also cracked me up that Damon just left Jeremy with Katherine to go tomb raiding.)

I must give Paul Wesley props. He is doing a great job with Stefan. Stefan always bored me as the "good" brother, but the Klaus story arc has allowed us to see Stefan in something other than brood mode. Stefan popping back up at the family home and telling Elena not worry she was under his protection made me laugh out loud.

I am intrigued by Michael and his back story.

The entire cast got to come out and play this week. They even gave poor Matt something to do.

I wonder. Could they now use Tyler's and Elena's blood to create more hybrids?
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