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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Well went to the game Saturday. Bit of an odd one. We were five minutes late and so missed Derby's goal, and maybe because of that the game seemed a bit lifeless until Southampton equalised, when it livened up a bit. They're a good side, but whilst you could see the goal coming I still thought the game had more goals in it, and certainly the last ten minutes or so I thought if anyone was going to snatch a win it'd be us.

I think the trouble is we sat back somewhat after we scored...of course in hindsight that might have been a wise course given we were playing top of the table. Hard to tell really, but we never seemed overawed by them.

Another loss for Forest but I'm guessing Cotterill wouldn't have had much chance to make an impact yet. Another loss for Leicester as well. Sven's spent a lot of money but they aren't pulling up too many trees yet.
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