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Re: Has there ever been a Kryptonian Green Lantern?

I dunno. One would think it would really be magic unless the practioner believed in it themselves. Otherwise it's just sleight of hand. Like, Superman can probably kick David Copperfield's ass.

(Do you think there's a David Copperfield in the DCU? I feel bad for the traditionally talented magician in that universe. Zatanna has actual magic powers. Like, it's so on the nose it's almost obnoxious. It's like Batman running a Gotham Caverns attraction or Green Arrow setting up a rennfaire. But you know, forget the fact that David Blaine can't compete, and just sit there and imagine Jesus Christ returning from Heaven and performing a few free miracles, and then setting up an "illusionist" show and charging you $5 a head for it instead of doing useful shit like materializing happiness by speaking its name backwards. You don't have to imagine it. You could read the last hundred, terrible pages of Stranger in a Strange Land. And it was just as boring and off-putting there as when Zatanna with her God Mode Sue powers gets up on stage. But at least Valentine had a master plan. At least in The Prestige it's implied that Hugh Jackman is an asshole for using the most amazing invention of all time to pull pennies out the pockets of punters. At least Zatara had the decency to get immolated by the Nothing. Zatanna: terrible person (but nice gams).)

P.S.Man, I hate that song. But I like the Flash villain. That's a conundrum.

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