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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Since this is the way I see it, your comment almost comes of as insulting.

Superman flying: buy it.
Superman taking a human to the moon without oxygen: stupid.
Superman being obviously Clark Kent's "twin brother" and nobody recognizing it: stupid.

The chances that no one notices Clark looks alot like Superman is much more plausible than a guy flying under his own power.
I think you're missing his (or her) point by just a tad. When you go into a superman flick, you know that a guy will fly under his own power, just as you know a starship will fly at warp in a Trek film. These things go with the territory. What doesn't go with the territory is having Lois breathe in space near the moon, that takes it too far.
I don't recall mentioning Lois breathing in space in my response. A guy flying and folks not seeing that Clark is Superman are both expected in a Superman film. To call one stupid and "buying" the other doesn't make sense. That was my point
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