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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Powers (FX)
This could be good, but I'd rather see it on HBO or Showtime. It needs to be uncensored.
I think FX is a fair hit. Shows like The Shield and Nip/Tuck managed to squeeze in a whole heap of adult content and still keep it on the safer side of HBO/Showtime. I can live without the "Fucks" and the nudity, as long as the grittyness is kept.

I've just ploughed through the first 30 issues of this comic and been blown away. It begins in a more real place than most SuperHero titles and has only slowly grown into an utterly fantastical world. It has felt organic and if the producers of the show follow that trend it will give the regular, non-nerdy audience, a chance to adjust and adapt over time. And the central theme of the comic can be easily adapted to new stories, so the show can veer off from the comic's path if and when required. And given the outlandishness of some of the later stories, this WILL happen for budgetary reasons alone, if the show makes it.

Though Jason Patric iisn't phsyically "Walker" he can mtost certainly play the intensity of the character (go and watch Neil LaButes "Your Friends and Neighbours" and see him tear up the rest of the talent in the film), so I can live without him being 6'6".

This is the only SF show I am actually excited about overall and it need only be a modest hit to keep playing on FX. if Charles Eglee can get a solid crew of writers on board I can see this actually being exciting TV.

Now if he can just round up some of the unattached Shield writers he worked with a few years ago, then the show has a chance!

Hugo - And they cast Titus Welliver as Triphammer, Charles S Dutton as Captain Cross sand the wonderful Jo Harvelle as Zora, so they're onto gold already
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