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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

Dayton Ward addressed Ganz's down fall on his blog:

"Ganz began the unraveling process back in Open Secrets, when Nogura gave him the boot, and then he had to find a way to beg his way back into the admiral’s good graces, and so on. Neera was always the brains of the outfit, but she was content to let him be the public face of the organization (and the one with the target on his back), and taking care of the day-to-day business of running things. When Ganz started suffering setback after setback, we had to wonder how long he could go on being the one “in charge” before somebody decided to cut their losses. Having Reyes right under his nose and yet being powerless to do anything about him even while he knew Reyes had to be getting away with this or that, would be enough to piss anybody off, eventually. At least, that was part of our thinking. We’d actually played with the idea of having Neera off him in WJC, but eventually decided it would be more fun to have that big escape sequence, with Ganz finally losing his cool after being played so completely."
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