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1. Yeah, I definitely agree about the multiplayer. The sales are pretty much guaranteed unless really bad word-of-mouth sets in shortly after release, which frankly I have a lot more faith in Edmonton and Hudson's team than that, but for fairly comparable evidence look no further than Dragon Age 2. Early sales were gangbusters but they slowed to a crawl after the negativity spread and the numbers actually never caught-up with Origins.

2. Speaking of Origins... Origin debate is a big thing on BSN these days. I play on 360 so I don't pay as much attention to it as many other folks, but suffice it to say, there's a lot of bracing for the 'inevitable' news that Origin will be required. Developer Brenon Holmes has been in the midst of prepping an 'Origin FAQ' for a while now in order to answer all questions, starting at the top with the obvious question of whether or not it's required. The fact that he's taking so long has a lot of folks understandably concerned though.
Dragon Age 2 was a surprising disappointment, true, but the Mass Effect team already has two games of increasing quality under their belt while the DA team's track record was already a bit spotty. Non of the DLC or even the Awakenings expansion was really up to much and to be honest, the warning signs were already there.

As for Origins...I suppose on a purely intellectual we can't complain too much since after all, Valve pulled exactly the same crap with Steam back when Half-Life 2 came out. Personally I hated it at the time. See, back then I didn't have broadband so I had the thing permanently set on offline mode, so all it did was take up room on my hard drive. That all changed after I installed the Orange Box and I saw how much thing had changed and have continued to change and improve.

What it really comes down to is trust. Valve have earned my trust through long years of reliable service and for being a port in the storm when DRM for PC games got extra bonkers (also for letting me buy all the GTA & THQ games on sale for a price so low it almost felt like theft.) Can anyone say the same about EA?

In case it wasn't clear from the above statements, I'm almost certain ME3 will require Origins to be installed. I'm pretty much resigned to buying the physical copy. I had thought to get the collector's edition, but one look at the price cured me out that. 70 quid for a tin box, a bit of cloth, a tiny book and a handful of in game content that's either completely superfluous or game breakingly over powered? Bugger that.
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