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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5 (NO spoilers, please)

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I have also come to the opinion that the show's hook, finding a cure to the Drakh plague, was a poor one. Excalibur travels the galaxy looking for evidence that this artificial plague has been used before; it's hard to imagine an endgame for that. A mysterious alien that's building a super-weapon to blow up Earth real good is an arc that you can get your head around, the heroes need to find the weapon and blow it up. Finding a cure for a plague on some random world and curing everyone just doesn't quite work in my head. It's difficult to even see how such a search could even come up with any leads to find a cure. And it almost universally doesn't, most episodes use the premise to tell an episodic story that's not related to the search for a cure.
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The series would have switched into a different arc at the end of season 1 when the Excalibur crew would expose Earth Gov as secretly developing Shadow technology, and they would have to go rogue. A cure would be found for the plague that probably was ethically questionable - possibly using the healing device from Bablyon 5 to extract the life force from criminals and other people considered undesirable. Galen and Gideon would have fallen out when the technomages were revealed to depend on Shadow technology and to require the deaths of sentient beings to maintain the continuation of their order. Gideon would have died and had his mentality downloaded into the Apocalypse Box. The rumour is that Garry Cole might only have been on board the show as a main character for one season - sound familiar? After some sort of quest, Dureena would have received a magic sword that went "Ting". How it would all work out I don't know. I've never played D&D.
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I think the cure developed by Earthforce probably would have had consequences. Possibly turning people into shadows weapons like the original technomages with heightened aggression or the experiments that Gideon and Galen encounters in the unfilmed finale.
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