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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 5, part 1

Day 9: 0800 hours

Megan had got up early in the morning, she seemed to be sleeping less and yet felt less tired. She had already got dressed and was lying down on the bed reading from a padd, when suddenly there was a loud knock on her door.

“CFT! Open the door!” said a Ferengi voice.

Wondering what ‘CFT’ was, Megan got off the bed, and walked over to the front door. She hoped this wasn’t some sort of prank, she opened the door. Two Ferengi policemen suddenly burst in and they restrained Megan and tried to handcuff her. “Hey! Get off!” she yelled.

She twisted and squirmed against the two policemen, and she didn’t notice a third Ferengi enter the room.

“I'd advise you to stop struggling if I were you,” said the third Ferengi. “Unless you want attempted assault added to your charges.”

Megan looked at the unusually tall Ferengi. “What charges?” she snarled. “Who are you?”

The Ferengi stepped forward, leering at Megan. “I'm Brunt head of the Commission of Fair Trading, or CFT.”

At that moment a Ferengi policemen slapped handcuffs onto Megan.

“Search the rooms for a data rod,” said Brunt.

The second Ferengi policemen searched everywhere, finally in the bedroom he had found what he was looking for, he came back to Brunt. “I've found it!”

He passed to Brunt the data rod, and Brunt looked like an eagle ready to swoop in to catch it’s pray. “Tut tut tut,” he said as he analyzed the data rod. “This just so happens to be the data rod containing a highly secret meeting.” He then sounded far more nastier. “You are under arrest Ms Felpes for harbouring an illicit data rod, which was stolen from the Grand Nagus himself!”

Megan could not believe what was happening, this was so unfair and unjust. “What data rod? I've never even seen it until now! Someone has framed me!”

Brunt glowered at Megan. “Don't lie to me hew-mon!”

“Take her away!” he ordered to the policemen.

When the four were just outside the main hotel’s entrance, Bashir and Nog came running out of the doors to confront Brunt.

“What's going on here?” demanded Bashir. “Why are you arresting Megan, she's a Federation citizen, you have no jurisdiction.”

Brunt advanced menacingly towards Bashir. “I have every jurisdiction, Megan was caught red-handed with a illicit data rod, a data rod which belongs to the grand Nagus!”

“It seems to me that someone has planted it there to frame Megan!”

He tried to dive around Brunt in an attempt to free Megan.

Brunt though stood his ground. “Stay away from the suspect! Or you and your Ferengi friend here will be arrested as well.”

Nog grabbed Bashir by the shoulder, to restrain him. “Come on, let's get out of here.”

“We'll clear your name Megan, I promise!” said Bashir.

After Megan had been taking away, Bashir had to convince Nog that Megan had indeed been framed. “You believe that Megan is innocent don't you?”

Nog looked undecided. “Well... I'm not to sure about that.”

“Dammit Nog,” said Bashir angrily. “She's been so obviously framed!”

Finally Nog came around to Bashir’s conviction that Megan was innocent. “It looks like it, well I suppose the obvious thing to do is to contact Odo.”

The two walked back into the hotel, Bashir hoped Odo could do something to help Megan. “It's funny because it seems Odo was almost expecting something like this to happen...”


Day 9: 0900 hours

Bashir walked back into his quarters, he proceeded to his bedroom where he took out his laptop from a chest of draws. Sitting down on a chair next to a small table, Bashir placed his laptop on the table, he glanced to his left at his luggage bag. There were still a few things inside there and he suddenly remembered about the sub-space relay device which Odo had given to him.

After retrieving the device, Bashir settled back into the chair, and configured the device to send transmissions via the laptop. With everything sorted out, Bashir sent a signal and presumed the signal would be going to another sub-space relay device which Odo possessed. As Bashir waited he thought about going to Megan’s quarters, and using his tricorder to scan for any signs of the person who planted the data rod.

Even though Megan’s quarters were no longer being investigated by the police, however he decided it was a bad idea. He knew it would look suspicious on his part if he were to snoop around the room and someone noticed.

Indeed Nog was asking various staff members whether it would be possible if he could move Megan’s possessions into his own quarters. Bashir thought it was a generous act on Nog’s part, and he wondered if Nog was overcoming his reservations about Megan.

Finally after waiting for ten minutes, Bashir got a reply and on the laptop’s screen was Odo. Before Odo could say anything, Bashir started talking. “Odo, it's about Megan she's-”

“Been arrested I know,” said Odo, for some reason he sounded strained and tired. “At the time of Megan’s arrest, were there any Ferengi officials aside from the police?”

“There was Brunt, he’s now the head of the CFT.”

“Watch out for Brunt, all I can say is that there is a connection between Brunt and CFT's unofficial change in policy regarding security for tourists.”

Bashir wasn’t interested in CFT’s political agendas, he was desperate to know how Megan could be freed. “But what can we do for Megan? I mean how do we prove she is innocent?”

Odo paused, he seemed to be considering his words carefully. “Don't do anything, I will handle this matter and determine whether Megan has been framed or not.”

“You make it sound as if Megan could be guilty, isn’t it obvious that she has been framed?”

Odo rolled his eyes in exasperation. “I know that, but I am keeping this investigation as impartial as possible. If Megan is innocent then I will do everything I can to free her, but if she is guilty I will do my utmost to bring Megan to justice.

Bashir felt relieved, he knew that Odo always firmly believed in justice, and he deeply respected Odo’s sense of honesty and justness. “Thank you Odo for doing this.”

Odo returned Bashir’s gratitude with a brief nod. “I think it would be for the best if you and Nog left Ferenginar, and returned to DS9.” Briefly Odo looked around, it seemed he was transmitting from somewhere that wasn’t private. “Listen I'm certain the CFT is monitoring this transmission, so I'll be brief; when you return to DS9 contact Ezri and inform her of what has happened to Megan.”

Suddenly the transmission ended, it also spelt the end of Bashir’s vacation, but he was in no mood to continue on with his vacation, not when Megan was being held against her will. Bashir was sure Nog would have no objections to cutting short the vacation and returning to DS9. Having said that Nog would do anything for Bashir, short of breaking the law. This was one reason why Bashir considered Nog such a great friend, likewise he would do the same if Nog needed help.
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