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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Only Joe Kelly I know is the guy who wrote Supergirl. That guy could barely string two word balloons together and have them make sense. Also he penned the phrase "red wavelength UVB lights," which is the dumbest phrase ever uttered by human beings since Isaac Newton put a prism in a windowsill. But! Better than Jeph Loeb.
Haven't actually read the Supergirl comics, but apparently, it's the same Joe Kelly. Can't judge his work on Supergirl, but his work on Action Comics and JLA was brilliant. He got the Clark Kent as a writer, utterly fantastic superhero stuff, and he could actually do a Superman who really was inspiring, not just one saying he had to inspire.

Also that spoiler sort of butts up against the details of the Max Lord situation. Incidentally, I know I've said this before, but his condemnation of Wonder Woman for not letting herself be heat vision super-sped Krypton-punched to death may be the unsung lowest moment in Superman history. Even if by that point they had retconned his execution of three unarmed prisoners, it's still unbelievably bad.
As much as I like Greg Rucka, especially his work on WW, but that stuff really only served to set up Infinite Crisis. Would have been one thing if the big three actually did drift apart over the years and the writers wanting to work it out, but that wasn't there when they started out, they just set it up. And to do that they really had to twist the characters.
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