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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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John Byrne even did a story in which Lex Luthor has a computer working on the relation between Superman and Clark Kent, and when the computer tells him that they are the same person, he trashes the computer because to him it makes no sense that someone as powerful as Superman would disguise himself as a normal man.
Yeah, Byrne made a point of that in interviews - why the hell would Superman ever acknowledge to anyone that he spent much of his life in street clothes trying to pass as a normal human being? It would just make his disguise that much more challenging.

In the final analysis, Superman's "secret identity" is a storytelling conceit - you accept as a given that it works, and if you don't there's no amount of explanation or rationalization (including Byrne's own "Superman constantly vibrates his face at superspeed to blur his likeness" foolishness) that will make it plausible.

I mean, we buy that he flies and that bullets bounce off him. Heck, we go along with the notion that Batman can swing down out of nowhere to kick guns out of a couple of guys' hands while clinging one-handed to a cord which is the apparent diameter of one of Bruce Wayne's patent leather formal shoelaces. Why not accept the glasses?
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