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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

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Ebert didn't like Carpenter's version, either.
I really like and respect Roger Ebert.

Contrary to Trekker4747's misrepresentation of it, Ebert's review of Nemesis was dead-on - in a few brief and witty sentences he summed up the essence of what was wrong with Star Trek by that point in time; he basically wrote an early epitaph for the first four decades of the thing.

In movie after movie after movie I have to sit through sequences during which the captain is tersely informed that the front shield is down to 60 percent, or the back shield is down to 10 percent, or the side shield is leaking energy, and the captain tersely orders that power be shifted from the back to the sides or all put in the front, or whatever, and I'm thinking, life is too short to sit through 10 movies in which the power is shifted around on these shields. The shields have been losing power for decades now...
It couldn't be stated much better or more entertainingly than that.
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